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Friday, December 13, 2013

Goodbye from your 1st CAG Blog and Facebook Editor

I can't believe it is nearly the middle of December and the close of the year,  as is so often the case with our lives, the passage of time mandates change.  I want you to know with the end of December, I am retiring as CAG Blog and Facebook Editor, for both professional and personal demands. (And.... I must tell you... one of those important personal demands is the arrival of our 1st grandchild!!!! Woo Hoo!!!)  

It will be a good thing for the blog, having written over 475 posts, for me to step aside and allow a new editor to run with a new energized view of what's happening at the CAG and the opportunities in our region.  I want all of you to know I have loved getting to know you and getting the news out on both the CAG Blog and Facebook. It's been rewarding personally, professionally and intellectually!  I have met so many wonderful people as a result and will miss the online conversation!  But,  I will also be looking forward to more conversations in the real world!  

With retiring, my greatest wish has been that the CAG news continues and the community is informed about art opportunities!  With that being said,  I want to welcome our new editor, Dana Condel, a talented artist and new member of 2014 CAG board of directors. I'm sure she will do a terrific job carrying on the Blog and Facebook position!  I will be looking forward to supporting her in 2014 and following all the Cheyenne Artists Guild news and FB posts! 

With warm wishes,
Gail Watford


  1. Your bolgs have been most informative. BIG Congrats on that new baby girl. May 2014 bring you joy.

  2. Thanks, Vanda! I so appreciate you commenting!!! May 2014 be the best for you also!